Voting abroad, Pagano (ERA): Stop illegality! Let’s aim at the Italian language for a civil and economic promotion

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Lists for next elections have not been deposited yet and the first tragicomic news about the unseemly party-dominated show that has characterized Italian votes abroad for ten years alredy come. Clientelism and fraudulent practices on which this institute is based are the mirror, overstated by the distance, of the illegality of the party-dominated regime and of its proof elections, which are more and more abusive. Let’s think about the last Regional elections in Lazio and Lombardy, whose illegality was denounced by the Radical Party since the presentation of the lists”, starts Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radical Association.

“The electoral process abroad must pass through the promotion of our national language as a factor of social cohesion and, above all, of promotion and economic development of activities and goods produced in our country, as they do in France”.

“Instead of the Barnum Circus of unconvincing members of Parliament who don’t speak our language, falsify documents and, as it is suspected by several parts, also the votes, it is necessary to reform the system of the Institutes of Foreign Trade, Italian Institutes of Culture and Italian schools abroad, which are today largely repository of privileged countrymen, when not parasites and recommended persons. Only in this way these institutes, enhanced, de-parceled and, finally, coordinating each other, could advantage in our favour the enormous heritage of popularity and, therefore, potentiality of our language, of our culture and of our history to promote in the world the best of italianity and Italian products”.

Finally, for our fellow citizens living in Europe, as in the recent case of Depardieu, we must think in terms of continental citizenship, independent from the national ones and allow them – and all other European citizens who don’t live in their motherland – to participate with full rights of active and passive citizenship to the political life of the country in which they live, and where they come from, through the adoption of Esperanto as European Federal Language. Otherwise – concludes Giorgio Pagano – the vote for Italians abroad will become the only infectious vehicle of the Italian plague that the Radical Party provided documentary evidence and presented to OSCE observers during this elections”.


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