Valencia: Civic Duty Lessons shall not Be Taught in English

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The demostrations and protests that took place on the 29th of November caused a great deal of peer pressure, protests which brought 44 thousand citizens together in the streets of Valencia, as well as the lingering threat of a Regional strike of all the bodies of Education attracted the President Francisco Camps to modify his position concerning the teaching of "Civil Education and Human Rights" taught in English.

When the local goverment boycotted the "Organic Law on Education" in 2001, it did not last more than 3 months. In fact, yesterday the President of Valencia authorized, via the Education Adviser, Alejandro Font de Mora, that these subjects, like all other subjects, ought to be taught in one of Valencia’s official languages, be it Castilian or Valenciano.
The Education Council will proceed to cancel the single disposition that required English as an obbligatory component of "Civic Education" with simaltaneous translation by another professor.

Therfore lessons in Valencia will return to normality, at least until the 15th of February, a date set by the Regional Administration to answer to the protests that were created by the parent and student Association, as well as by the managers and Unionists of the same category, in the hopes of reaching a compromise and a more clearly defined ahenda.
The protesters appeared satisfied with yesterday’s decision of preventing philosophical subjects to be taught in English, the Agreement, together with the Education Council, was elaborated yesterday, and are a step closer to re-installing a normal enviroment back in to the currently deteorated conditions.


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