University, Pagano (Era): English education in Italy is a national matter.

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Declaration of Giogio Pagano, ERA’s Secretary


“The will to change our Universities in hive of brains who think in English is a national matter. Does the knowledge in Italian still have to live? The Polytechnic of Milan decided to appeal to the Consiglio di Stato (Italy) against the sentence of the Lombardia regional administrative court. The most of the meneghino Academic Senate is in favor of English. Even many students are in favor of English. It is a collective suicide”, this is the comment of the ERA’s Secretary.

“It does not represent the internalization of the Italian universities which can’t be realized through a foreign language. Certainly, it is useful to learn other languages, like English, Chinese etc… then why English native speakers do not study a foreign language? It is a matter of linguistic justice. The matter of the Esperanto as Federal language is a crucial matter for democracy”, Pagano concluded.


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