U.S. elections, Giorgio Pagano: The failure of euro area is the U.S. aim

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“The five conservative principles that should guide U.S. Policy on Europe underline how U.S.A. should obstacle the integration of Euopean Union supporting national sovereignty in Europe and conducting the European currency to the crash. The principles indicate how NATO must remain the preeminent transatlantic security institution and U.S. bases must reinforce their commitment in Europe.
I prefer this kind of Anti-Europeanism to the Obama's one which is more hidden”, ERA's Secretary, Giorgio Pagano, said.
“In these terms an European Army couldn't be possible. A European Pentagon could be the greater grantor of credit of public research but it's just a dream. In practice it's not allowed any expansion of European market. U.S. financial crisis is increasing, the reign of dollar is about to end. Both candidates – Obama and Romney – see Europe as the subdued market. NATO can be compared to the British Indian Army at the Gandhi's era, instead of million indigenous soldiers commanded by British officers, now there are million European hired and directed by the new empire of the mind”, said Pagano.


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