Together with the showbusiness employees on July 20

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<<Italy is one of the last in Europe when it comes to cultural funds; Sakorzy and Merkel invest three to four times more! This is the country which has 70% of the world’s cultural assets and instead of investing on culture, the Italian goverment decides to put 250.000 workplaces and a vast amount of small-scale induction at stake. A number of striking cinema, theatre, music, dance and circus businesses risk closure, businesses which, together with our country’s cultural assets, are part of out country’s historical and modern identity.

On July 20th, ERA joins the showbusiness employees at Montecitorio. Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association. For this event, the "Esperanto" Radical Association will be brandishing its own flag, a white heart in a blue banner, in front of Montecitorio to show solidarity to the showbusiness employees who are currently on strike against the goverment’s decision to let the budget for culture drop to 0.1% of the national GDP. To not recognize new creations and new imaginative works means impovering the future Italian culture. Allowing the curtain to fall on theatre, on the live, cultured theatre that can not stand alone on the market, means soliciting a gaping hole in knowledge and experience for the future generations. This is unacceptable, the priviliged and innovative source of our country is once again a victim of the repeated attacks on democracy.>>


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