To Sartori: The Radical Party debates about linguistic economy and the European federal language since decades

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«On November 12th, Giovanni Sartori published a column on Corriere della Sera where he was surprised by the fact that nobody among those who support a Federal Europe did not present the problem of the absence of a federal language.
Nodoby but the Radical Party!, he should have added – notes Giorgio Pagano – The Radical Party has been analyzed the problem for over twenty years, even from the socio-economical point of view. They also have proposed a solution, the adoption of Esperanto as federal language. But those who commented Sartori’s column totally ignored the language question.
Sartori faces the problem even from an economical point of view, and we reward him for this. But ERA (Esperanto Radical Association), born 25 years ago, published essays like Grin’s ones where he explain how adopting Esperanto would make the whole European Union save 25 billion euros per year. While nowadays, with its aggressive English invasion, the Great Britain alone saves 18 billion euros. Britons don’t teach foreing languages in their schools, while other countries – as Lukacs explained – spend 350 billion euros per year to teach themselves English»


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