The Esperanto Pentecost was a success, next year it will happen on an international level.

Posted on in ERA News 7 view «The Esperanto Pentecost was a success, next year it will take place on an international level.» Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association (ERA ONLUS), stated.

«Our involvement was received and heard by numerous people who came from abroad for the anniversary of the Pentecost, and they were sympathetic and showed interest in our cause. After the reaction that we encountered, in is our duty to organize a the Esperanto Pentecost on a global level,» Pagano continued.

«The Esperanto issue is a key meeting point between the world of the Radicals and the world of the Church, therefore we must continue to our mission attentively and with constance. We will open a survey for millions of Esperantists in the world so that they can notfiy their availability at the 2012 Pentecost,” Giorgio Pagano concluded.


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