Taking part in the Olympics as Europeans now on Facebook

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A Facebook page has been created so that you can invite your friends to sign the peition at http://www.centopercentoeuropeo.eu so that at the next Olympics the EU countries can participate using the double flag, the national and the international one.

Neither us nor our young generation can spend the next 10 years being an audience to the economic (and others) war between the USA and China, and the predictions will see that USA will be the one to lose first.
Until now, the aftermath of the war, which seems to know no end, has manipulted American history so that, once the subconcious has been colonized, we became less and less satisfied with what was offered and given here. Here in everyday life.
We know that we stand united. We stand. We count.
Adding up all the medals won in the Beijing Olympics, the EU members won a total of 276 medals against 109 won by the USA, 100 by China and 72 by Russia; the golden medals won by an EU country were 85, against the 51 Chinese winners, the 36 American ones and the 23 Russian ones: approximately the triple of the superpower nations.
So, SIGN the petition at http://www.centopercentoeuropeo.eu and invite our Facebook friends to do the same, and to promote the Facebook page on our website
This is another way to build the United States of Europe. The motherland could be made up of nearly half a billion European citizens. On the 150th anniversary of Italy's Unification we can build campaigns for the new Risorgimento, that it, the European one.


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