Safer Internet Day: In Europe it’s English-only

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“Safer Internet Day”: According to Europe, safety online is English only!
Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association, Head of
The European missoners are multilinguists by law and language-thieves in real life.

Yesterday, the 9th of Februrary, the European comission celebrated Safer Internet Day. However, online safety doesn’t mention other European languages, it mentions only English: the website is in English, and so is the slogan!

Despite the Treaties and the regulations that are supposed to protect linguistic diversity, the European Comission has launched an opportunity of complete collaboration with only one country, that is, Great Britain, and therefore only one language: English.

We see the dismemberment of other European languages daily and we see an increase in English-speaking consolodation.

Despite free market agreements, the agreements against linguistic discrimination, and the equal opportunities for everyone.

"I Respect," written in block letters, on the first page of the European website against linguistic discrimination, states that 87% of European citizens are not English mothertongue, even though they are a majority, they find themselves living as a B-List citizen, against the high-caste English-speaking citizens, tied to these Commissions and "sold" to the English, who are priviledged and enjoy facilites others don’t thanks to the English language.

It is outrageous. Impertinent. It’s frustrating to witness the take-off of these powerful campaigns with the money that Europeans have paid, not only that, but they assure data and privilege only to 13% of these.
It’s time that the Italian politicians encourage the Commission to ask check and cash from Great Britain for the priviliges she and he citizens are assured against every fundamental democratic law.


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