Rom and Sinti, Pagano: Linguistic rights for the people who never declared war.

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Rom and Sinti, Pagano: Linguistic rights for the people who never declared war.

Statement of Giorgio Pagano.

 “It is time that the State recognizes the linguistic rights of the people who never declared war”. This is the comment of the Secretary of Esperanto Radical Association after the press conference at the Chamber of Deputy held by the Rom and Sinti Italian Federation after the national demonstration in front of Montecitorio this morning.

 “Rom, Sinti and Caminanti were excluded from the law n. 482 on protection of historical linguistic minorities, and also the possible way of the Italian ratification of the European Charter of regional and minority languages seems very far. Article 6 of our Constitution states explicitly that “the Republic protects with provided norms the linguistic minorities”, and yet there is no intention to give justice to one of the oldest minority of the country, with the scandal of European funds on assignment to them but without understanding where these funds end”, added Pagano.

 “Now that Rom and Sinti demonstrated that they could be together in requesting to the Parliament the right of being recognized as minority, the institutions have to answer, otherwise all Italians will lose a great chance of civility.

As Esperanto Radical Association we consider that also the Minister for Equal Opportunities should take into great consideration this event and the issues brought out today, also given the Research Report of the Human Right Commission of Senate that, as remembered by the Secretary of the Commission, the radical senator Marco Perduca, highlights a reality which cannot be ignored by a democratic country, given the new persecutions of which these people are victims in other European countries”, concluded Pagano.


Rome, the 9th November 2011


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