Return of the “brains,” Giorgio Pagano, “The Perfect Conclusion to a Masochist Plan”

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Return of the “brains,” Giorgio Pagano, “The Perfect Conclusion to a Masochist Plan”
Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association

“Every Italian spends around 900 Euros a year to prepare the younger generation in English, then we let them flee abroad and even pay to make them come back in to the country,” says Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association, concerning the approval of the tax relief on the Italians who wish to return to the Italian work world.
“Basically, the ‘ingenious’ plan consists of, firstly, investing everything in our children, having made English the language of the monopoly, to the point of creating an ultra-ready, university-graduated anglo-Italians. Secondly, cutting the research funds and not investing on those young minds which can not find work in Italy, and, even if they do, it’s a frustrating one. It is such that it’s certain that they have wasted their money, their only option is to go abroad, to the point where not only has their investment come to nothing, but it has contributed to other European or American countries.”
“Until yesterday we would of considered the project somewhat short-sighted, not to mention masochistic, but finally the goverment has explained the sense behind the project and its perfect conclusion, that is, the third element: incentives until the young workers return! Trying to buy back the expensive gift that has already been used by other countries.
Italians can’t be anything but enthusiastic about how their money is being so-well spent, operations like these which constitute a greater stimulant to the “beauty of paying your taxes,” as Padoa Schioppa once said,” Giorgio Pagano concludes with irony.

Rome, December 25th 2010


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