Radicals take a Stand at Italy’s UNESCO Panel

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Radicals take a Stand at Italy’s UNESCO Panel
Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of ERA ONLUS
Today, the danger of dialectization and the steady dissapearance of non only minor indigenous languages spoken by a small number of people, but also those languages and traditions belonging to entire cultures, is high. UNESCO announced the main cause n its resolution for Multilinguism in Education: the tendency to adopt ONE language in International communication, and that is English. Today, we face a real colonization that we can escape only by using a global strategy in which the permanent Forum for Endangered Language adoption, launched by ERA last year, can play only a small role. It must integrated with at least 4 larger projects:
1. The UNESCO summoning of an international conference on languages which should elaborate the current state of affairs as well as a future for the planet’s linguistic ecosystem
2. "Transform" the UNESCO Observatory for legal languages into one that minitors dialectization and death of languages in real time.
3. Consider the linguistic-cultural genocide as a crime against humanity and any responsibles should therefore be sanctioned by the International Tribunal.
4. Promote and incourage the use if at international and non-ethnic language, something which, today, only Esperanto can do.


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