Public Announecemnts in three languages, Pagano (ERA): And it was a refusal! The Court sides with linguistic democracy.

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 “We hoped that the Court of the European Union pronounced in favour of the italian appeal against the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO), which is responsible for the publication of public announcements only in English, French and German. Finally the bad news for the domineering nations of Europe and the good one for European democracy has arrived. The publication of EU public announcements in three languages and the obligation to have examinations only in one of these languages represents in fact a language-based discrimination” stated Giorgio Pagano, the Secretary of ERA Onlus.

“I think it’s an important sentence for the European linguistic democracy, with consequences on the English-French-German decision which kept out of the licence Italian and Spanish languages. It clearly is an indication opposed to the linguistic overcoming in the unification process. It’s finally obvious that the oligopoly of the strongest languages cannot be considered as internationalisation, especially the monopoly of English in the educational and university systems. The only way is the federal language Esperanto!”, concluded Giorgio Pagano.


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