Perugia-Assisi, Flavio Lotti (Peace Table co-ordinator) to ERA: “50 years of the Perugia-Assisi march, 50 years work for peace & human rights.”

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ERA’s Secretary, Giorgio Pagano, interviewed Flavio Lotti, national co-ordinator of the Peace table, for on Radio Radicale. The transcript of the interview, which aired on Sunday, July 10, follows
“It was a pleasure for me to meet the “Esperanto” Radical Association in Perugia, as I believe that the Perugia-Assisi march is an opportunity open to all encounters and to all those who wish to stand their ground in today’s challenging times,” said Flavio, national co-ordinator of the Peace Table, during Radio Radicale’s broadcast “Democrazia,” cared for by the “Esperanto” Radical Association, who have been invited by the Non-violent Movement and will participate in the march. The entire transcript of the interview, in Italian, can be found on

“The last 50 years of the Perugia-Assisi march have also been 50 years of hard work for peace and human rights, filled with difficulties but also with numerous generous efforts which many people and many organizations have brought forward over the years. It is a chapter of our history that we must make the effort to write down. It must be underlined that peace doesn’t only mean not going to war, or being against war. It means being the opposite of war, and we must enphasize this in a time where war and weapons continue to dominate many parts of the world, but there is no justice without peace, and when there is no employment, there can’t be peace when there isn’t even the basic standard of living a life of fundamental human rights,” Lotti continued. 

“Our historical challenge is to invite citizens, the younger generation of our country, to wake up to the complex but homogeneous reality: within the numerous hazards there is opportunity and we asre in the heart of the mediterranean which has become the crib of Europe, and we can’t but deny that we have to contribute significatingly to the success of these transition from dictatorship to democracy for the North Africa, or they will lose the greatest opportunity they have had in the last 40 years. I personally agree that language is one of the characteristics, aside from political-economic ones, that unite all of us, and it is one of the themes that we must confront,” Flavio Lotti explained during a broadcast conducted by the “Esperanto” Radical Association on Radio Radicale, «Democrazia» «More importantly, this is a topic which unites the north and the south of both sides of the mediterranean as the second half of the mediterranean, the Arab people, assert the use of the arab language,” Flavio Lotti concluded. 


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