PE: Cappato asks for Second Opinion from Grin

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Two reports on the costs of public policies and the teaching of foreign languages have been presented to the Commission and the Council by the Radical Europarlimentary, Cappato, and are to be heard urgently by the economist, Grin.

By request of the the «High Council of School Evaluation,» Prof. Grin has made report available, entitled «the teaching of foreign languages as public policy,» analyzing the costs/benefits of three different types of linguistic policies, designed in a way to achieve the greatest possible level of linguistic inter-communication among European citizens and promote linguistic democracy.
For decades now, the Union has refused to consider a single multilinguistic strategy, which enables the need to operate in a foreign language of choice and adhere to the motivations that guide said choice. A policy such as this has allowed an English-speaking hegemony to emerge in recent years, and at the expense at the community’s other languages.
We therefore ask the Commission (P-3652/06) and the Council (E-3653/06) to consult Prof.Grin in order to further elaborate the problems of the economic consequences and practices for the euro-citizens to promote multilinguism in one direction only, and advantages are therefore offered by some and not others in the panorama of education. Beyond this, we ask that the Commission, and the Council, express a judgement from a political point of view conerning the three type of public linguistic policies, examining and hoping that other competent organisms and European offices can become involved in the said study.


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