Pagano: The Court of the European Union should reject the choice of using only three languages for public announcement

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Today, November 27th 2012, the Court of the European Union will pronounce on the appeal presented by Italy against EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office). EPSO published in February 2007 an announcement for IT manager and assistant, but only in English, French and German.

“We already talked about the opinion of the European Ombudsman Diamandouros, who stated that european citizen cannot exercise their right to take part in the life of European Institution if documents are not available in all of the European Union official language.”

“An effective answer also to the statements of Advocate General at the Court of the European Union, Juliane Kokott – Pagano continued – who has justified the choice of reducing to three the languages of work and of the Community acts, mentioning the non existence of the Babel fish, invented by Adams.

In expectation of the real Babel fish, the federal language Esperanto, the Court will state its opinion not only about this relevant fact but also about one of the basic rights of all the European citizen, of whom Italy is the mouthpiece”, this was the comment of Giorgio Pagano.

Rome, 27th November 2012


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