Pagano (ERA) replies to Squinzi (President of Confindustria): Europe’s lexicon starts with “federal language”.

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Giorgio Squinzi

The President of Confindustria, commenting Monti’s resignation and the start of the Italian political campaign, auspicated the introduction of a “lexicon of the truth” to prevent political parties from making easy promises and electors from believing them. In this context Squinzi spoke of power transfer, bank integration and shared politics, “this is how Europe can be built in some decades from now” he said. «Unfortunately such a comment is rather part of a “lexicon of falsity”. Moreover, it does not correspond to the truth and it cannot be considered responsible, given the nerve-racking timing of the attacks to Euro» commented Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radical Association. «The United States of Europe cannot, nor should, wait that long. As Europeans, we cannot afford such a luxury, unless we want to be complitely dominated by historic and emerging superpowers. The easiest and most direct way to stand in the way of colonization and build Europe in roughly five years is called federal language: only the introduction of Esperanto will allow a rapid and profound integration at both economic and social levels, opening entrepreneurial scenarios so far unimaginable» continued Pagano. «It is enough to recall the simplicity of creating a new television network in the auspicated United States of Europe, given the existence of an internal and linguistically unified market of 500 million people, to be added to all potential clients in Asia, where resistance to the English language colonization is incredibly strong – China and Japan leading. A simple example that shows the only viable way to economic growth (much desired by Squinzi). Europe’s lexicon starts with “federal language”, concluded Pagano.


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