Only Napolitano and the Radicals look at the United States of Europe

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[fimg=left][/fimg]EU, Pagano (Radicals/ERA): "Only Napolitano and the Radicals look at the United States of Europe."
Statement of Giorgio Pagano – Radicals/ERA.

"Only Napolitano and the Radicals look to the United States of Europe." So states Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Radicals Association "Esperanto".

Only a few days since the Nonviolent Transnational Transpartitical Radical Party Congress, the head of State, Giorgio Napolitano, with a clairvoyance that distinguishes him from the many heads of the Hydra partitocratica, spoke once more about Europe during an interview for the german newspaper ‘Die Welt.’ The President of the Italian Republic has stated similar beliefs to those of the Radical Congress: Europe risks to take up a position of indifference if the member States are not able to speak with one voice, the importance of keeping up the process concerning the United States of Europe and the urgency there is for a common Political-Mediterranean chain, especially in sight of the Libyan issue", continues the Secretary of ERA.
"All this, and in the meanwhile, during these last few days, Italian ministers lamented to Europe, the same Europe that they had bypassed by relying on the strategic illegal immigration alliance with Gehadaffi, the leader of the Lega assured that he will send the Lybian refugees to France and Germany (that for them it would be better, seeing the conditions of CIE, the italian reception centres for immigrants and refugees) and the Italian premier remembered to condemn violence only when he was sure he would not have disturbed the Raìs in such a delicate moment, a problem he didn’t think of when the dictator began to massacre his people, maybe in virtue of that shamefully bipartisan relationship expressed by the Friendship Treaty with Libya.
Thus we wish that the head of State takes our suggestions about human rights in Middle East, about exportation of the democracy through nonviolence (instead of using weapons), about european federalism and Esperanto as the federal language of the United States of Europe into account."

Rome, 24 of february 2011


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