Notizie: Giorgio Pagano’s fast.

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Press Release of the 26 september 2003 announcing Giorgio Pagano’s fast.

On the letter sent for the occasion to the Minister, Giorgio Pagano writes: “since the 26 of may we are waiting for your “green light” to the initiatives that you indicated yourself had to be studied and agreed upon with the competent Directions of the Ministry. Such agreements and studies were precisely defined the 26 of may on the Report signed by the Executive Advisor charged by the International Relations Direction to deepen the details of the initiatives already agreed upon with the Director himself, Mr Giunta La Spada.” Further on: “we do not know how to “interpreter” the 12 rows of your letter dated 31 of july where it are mentioned the “difficult insertion in the context of communitarian orientations” and the participation of the Director Giunta La Spada to a European Conference organised by the Radical Party. While the training projects and partnerships, as far as the modalities of management – starting with the completely voluntary participation and the use of Esperanto not as the aim but as a glottodidactictal tool to quicker and better learn foreign languages -, were specifically identified by your Director as perfectly adapted and suitable for the current italian and european law corpus. Moreover, your Direction considered the European Conference on languages feasible by your Minister with the title “Communication and languages in the Europe of the 25″, sustained and followed by an internet forum on the Minister of Education website – we only suggested a possible agenda. Once again: whenever and wherever the communitarian Treaties and orientations have ever advised the Member States not to organise European Conferences on languages with and for the citizens? Now that the languages are arising to 20, then!”

Pagano, who led the delegation of the Radical Party in october last year – when Marco Pannella could not be present for his well known legal problems – and has been the principle referent with the International Relation Direction for months, decided to sustain this new request with an hanger strike starting from the 26 of september at midnight, considering that the timing is now very short to give light to those initiatives that have been studied and agreed upon for a long time – starting with the European Conference scheduled for the semester of italian Presidency of the Union – and that the Radical Party have been asking for months, with no answers, a clarifying meeting.

This fast is to be considered as an act of friendship and most of all of confidence in the Minister finding modalities to carry out the perspectives that she indicated herself, the 22 of october, and that are now, after the 26 of may, more than defined.


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