No more Italian in British coffee shops. Pagano: «we must stop the English language occupation»

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«We shouldn’t be surprised if Britons banish Italian words from coffee shops. Ater all, our pro-English caste is banishing Italian from Italian Universities». This was the comment of Giorgio Pagano on the news, accounted on Corriere della Sera, about the British market chain Debenham which will substitute Italian words from their coffee shops with English ones.
According to a survey, about 70% of Debenham clients is confused by “exotic” words like espresso or cappuccino.
«These aren’t “exotic” words. They have become common words in every language, because they designate specific Italian specialty. Everyone can understand what espresso, pizza or spaghetti means. Otherwise, they would order something else.
This is a deliberate attack to our language and culture. I am not a nationalist, but it’s clear we’re fighting a linguistic world war. This war is creating English-language slaves, and they’re slave to English-speaking people too.
We must recognize this and act against it. We must organize a Resistance against this linguistic totalitarism, using nonviolence interventions. We invite to join us everyone who wants to resist to the English linguistic occupation»



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