New teaching rules: Gelmini leaning towards English as the second State language.

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New teaching rules: Gelmini leaning towards English as the second State language. Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association.

To me, it seems obvious that Gelmini’s new rules for teaching in Itay have been launched so that English becomes the State’s second language. With the latest rip-off, "Foreign language=English language," there won’t be a single teacher in Italy that won’t be linguistically colonized, even if the teacher is teaching another foreign language. Phillipson’s prophecy on the English madhouse of the other linguistic "species" is happening even in Italy. After the Taliban, we can now witness a new extremist movement: that of the English language. The Angloban. Meanwhile, while even more universities are replacing Italian with English in the Bachelor Program, Gelmini’s Angloban, providing the teaching of non linguistic subjects in specialized secondary schools (CLIL) will cause the Italian language to "dialectize" itself even more, and it becomes less and less the language of education and superior literacy. The Italian language, one of the country’s best national "products," is being sold underprice. The attempt to kill the country’s linguistic identity is Gelmini’s doing, a minister who should be preserving it, we must debate so that the linguistic policy that has been launched brings the Italians and non-English people to not become victims of a global linguistic super-caste: the difference between English Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Servants.


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