Minister Ronchi – Oligopoly allows the more space for the Monopoly

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Minister Ronchi – Oligopoly allows more space for the Monopoly
Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association
Judging by Minister Ronchi’s reaction, he sides with the english-only initiative and against the the European Commissioner’s, Barnier, initiative, which means escluding the possibility to register a European Patent in Italian. The reason why the patents can only be registered in English, French and German is not understandable, unless you’re looking at it from a tactical point of view: Let us hope that the French and the Germans alone can support Italian and Spanish.
The fact that the decision had to be a unanimous one, concentrating mainly on the Spanish people, the decision was made in public and not in the "back room." This leads one to fear that this is somehting the Spanish actually believe in and they are ready to resign themselves in the worst possible way.
Let it be clear that the Italian slavery towards Trilinguism contributes to the heavy duty that our country and Europe is already a paying, and not only does it increase the possibilites for the English, but it also limits Italians in not one but in two ways: it penalizes French-speaking and German-speaking Italians.
Any one who can speak only English represents the complete lack of options that Europe is facing and the unaccaptable monopoly that exists in free Europe and on the free market. It’s absolutely illogical, and harmful, unfair and discriminatory to keep the patents only in English. To present them in German, French, Italian and Spanish tallies the businesses of the country’s which make up 60% of European Union’s GDP, and 82% of the Euro’s GDP. In this context Spain and Italy’s economy alone make up 21% of the EU’s GDP. That’s 30% of the Euro’s GDP!
This goes to show, in contrast to Barnier’s opinion as well as Minster Ronchi’s, how important it is to add Spanish and Italian to French, English and German as an EU Patent language.
It’s ridiculous that industrial property on European earth, such as an Austrian and a French one, should have a lesser opinion than an American or an Australian company, not to mention that European contributors pay so that the istitutions can run.


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