Manifestazione: Say NO to langugae wars in Europe!

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A European Spring and an Autumn of European Languages
"Should we feel guilty that our way of speaking is obliterating so many other tongues? Is it not a more sinister kind of colonialism than that which we practised a hundred years ago? Once we just took their raw materials. Now we invade their minds, by changing the primary tool by which they think: "their" language. Linguicide: the death of language."
The Independent, 10 March, 2002

To help schools organize an event that can include the largest number of students and teachers possible in the definition of a "New Europe" through the European convention, the European Comission has announced "Springday." In English, as usual! Not even thinking about the fact that English, denounced itself by English-speakers (see above quote by The Independent) is the number one cause of death of the other languages of the world continues, like thoughtless war machines, to mobilize an unequal invasion, so that all our languages are reduced to mere dialects and the skeletons. it is the autumn of our languages that is falling after the many anglosazon "springdays." An autumn where our politicians force our younger generation to learn two foreign languages, while the students of the United Kingdom don’t learn ANY! Where is the democracy? Where is justice and equal opportunity? Why do we continue to participate in the linguistic dictatorship? We know why. When the destruction of the alternative is imposed, a dictatorship is consented. Today, the destruction of information of the other international language, Esperanto, is the necessary Viaticum. The Ministerial newsletter 126/95 (visit had already identified what an important contribution the International Language had to offer for Europe’s linguistic democracy, and what it could do to safeguard languages. It is a task that EVERYONE should take on board.


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