June 10th, Pagano (ERA): among facists and smashists, the slow assisted suicide of Europe.

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Declaration of Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radikala Asocio


«On June 10th, 1940, Italy declared its entering in the WWII with a speech of Mussolini. Few knows that, few hours later, the same speech was broadcasted in Esperanto on Radio Roma. At the time, EIAR – which would become RAI – even broadcasted a monthly bulletin inthe International Language. The so-vituperated regime – which aimed at future glory of Italian power, embracing art and technology – actually understood that no menace could come from Esperanto. Instead, fascism unconsciously understood that language, non-ethinic and neutral, could be very efficient for international relationship but, at the same time, could favor the development and growth of Italian language as “elected” pole of mondial attention.


Unfortunately, this wasn’t the main feature that many european nation (including Germany, where many esperantists were persecuted) took from fascism. The continent was stained by untutterable atrocities. Among them, against itself, due to its disinegration in a fratiricide war.


Fortunately nowadayas the integration process has started and and the future is – in a certain sense – still ours. But we must understand that WWII was lost by the whole Europe. The EU was planned by Americans – with the only exception of Euro, despised by them – and therefore we live in a state of permanent occupation, mental before material.


Where a military american base lays, we are not the owners of our lands. We have to host every kind of weapons, and we risk to attract terrorism – which we could fight with the weapons of nonviolence, instead to wash it away with blood, as the Bush and Blair’s war in Iraq taught us. We are not the owners of our skies.

Most of all, we are not the owners of our minds – which should live and think in Italian, our mothertongue and the only one we could fully think. Instead Ministries and Deans of scarce intellect who try in every way to cut down and rob us of our language: they try to not make ourself think.


The truth can be rude but it’s still true: today’s “smashists” are worse and more dangerous than yesterday’s fascists, because their goal is the Italian genocide: they want to kill their son’s freedom of thinking and studying in their mothertongue to make them become English’s cuckoos.


I do believe that the Italian Council of State will confirm the Lombardy’s TAR, and will not allow to Politechnic of Milan to erase Italian from universities. But if Europeans will no wake up from this Hollywood nightmare, a single case will not be enough, and our european country will have to face not just the “decline” Spengler spoke about, but an assisted suicide. From English of course!».


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