Italy’s Unification, Giorgio Pagano (Radicals/ERA): A minute of silence on March 17th.

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[fimg=left][/fimg]Italy’s Unification, Giorgio Pagano (Radicals/ERA): "A minute of silence on March 17th."

" We ask for a minute of silence on March 17th, the 150th anniversary of Italy's unification, and invite all Italians to do the same," says Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Radical Association "Esperanto."

"It's understandable why Minister Gelmini should want to keep schools open on the 17th of March, to confirm her effort in systematic language destruction through the now out-of-control English expansion, along with the goverment's 50% reduction in the structures responsible in teaching Italian. The minister is right: why celebrate the crumble we have assisted to these past 150 years, now that all that remains is the nation's façade to (poorly) disguise the leftovers of the Risorgimento's sweat

and blood?"
" I find that a minute of silence is indispensable: Italy has gone through one regime to another, from the Mussolini regime to the patriotic one, the first as a result of the Civil War, the second as a result of all the goverment's able and the false, good-for-nothing opposition, both united in the undisturbed erosion of the cement which holds up the building – that is the Italian language – that is drained by the nation and by the institutions. If the minister should do this and keep the schools open, than it is a good thing that the headmasters as well as the students should take in to consideration the thought of a minute's silence," he concludes.
Rome, February 11 2011


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