Italy for European Supremacy

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[fimg=left][/fimg]Two initiatives grouped together under the name "L’Italia per una Europa da primato,” Italy for European Supremacy, have been launched in Rome, in the aim of contributing positively to the costruction of the European community. Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association and European Bonino-Pannella Central District List candidate, has set the first of the two initiatives in a sporty enviroment. A petition asking that the CONI, the Italian National Olympic Committee, together with the other European states, to participate in next year’s 2012 London Olympics using the double flag, the national and the European one, will be released.
There are two reasons for this: not only to give each European citizen a voice, but to allow the Union’s gold-medal-worthy image to shine, an image which is superior to the ones that emerged during the Bei Jing Olympics, when the United States won a total of 109 medals, China 100, and the European Union won, altogether, 276 medals.

Flavia Gallo has launched the second initiative, "Premio Teatro degli Stati Uniti d’Europa," the United States of Europe Theatre Award, to which students and groups can particpate by entering theatre pieces written in the International Language (known as Esperanto), so that the Europeans’ creative and innovative streak can be revived, starting from the foundations: linguistic democracy.


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