Italian identity, Pagano (ERA/Radicali) to Renzi: no to compulsory Civil Voluntary Service, let’s defend education and creativity in Italian

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“To make Italians the Civil Voluntary Service must be enhanced, but it has to remain voluntary and not compulsory. It has to be a choice of freedom as well as the choice of a foreign language, which is and must remain a concept linked to the plurality of the languages and not monopolized by English, to the detriment of Italian and other languages”. This is the objection of Giorgio Pagano, leader of Associazione Radicale Esperanto, to Renzi, who started the idea to make the Civil Voluntary Service compulsory to “create a sense of membership, identity and community”, he goes on.
“Nowadays Italian identity is threatened by English linguistic domination. More and more universities incite the young to go abroad, to lose any hope of a job in Italy and they convince students to give up studying through their mother tongue because of the superiority of an education in English. Initiatives like the compulsory learning of Mameli's Hymn and, even worse, the compulsory Civil Voluntary Service are mystifying fig leaves over against the shame of a ruling class who, independently from the age, has created a psychological and cultural subjection of Europe to the American-English processes of global domination. It is necessary to strengthen and improve Italian research, culture, creativity and language in Italian up to Renaissance levels and, at the same time, it is necessary to close the postwar period by bringing the European federal language as the formation of the United States of Europe and of worldwide linguistic democracy”, he concludes.


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