ITALIA +30: stop at the monolingual colonialism, open to linguistic federalism

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At the congress Italia +30, Paolo Peluffo (undersecretary at the Cabinet) claimed you need to know at least 4 languages to obtain European citizenship; Gianfranco Polillo (undersecretary at the Ministry of Finance) lamented that Italy and Southern Europe are getting behind in reaching “linguistic unification”, meaning English as the only language.

Actually, Southern Europe countries are the only ones to oppose the English-language colonization, and there should start a new revolution against it. “Europe should have a federal language, and a common army and police”, it was the comment of Giorgio Pagano.
“Peluffo says we should give relevance to human resources, but multilinguism it is just a way to hide the English-language colonization. Why our police should use English, while “bobbies” don’t know a single word in other languages?
Instead of studying compulsorily English plus other languages, just to obtain citizeship, we should use the International Language, Esperanto. Esperanto would act as shield for the other national languages, leaving to individuals the choice of which and how many languages learn. This way we could spare 25 billion euros, and really invest on the human resources.


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