Internet, Pagano (ERA): Mot-dièse in France but for the colony Italy it remains hashtag

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“We have to start by saying that when a term is published in the Official Gazette of the French Republic, the event takes the form of patent language and official reference for all. So “hashtag”, the well-known hash mark # which is used in front of keywords in particular on Twitter, now officially becomes “mot-dièse” in French. In France, the Ministry of Culture and Communication is also the Ministry of Language and it has a strong responsibility in the implementation of language policies shared with other government departments, an attention that has its roots in the bitter experience of the Nazi occupation suffered at the time of Vichy”, says the leader of Esperanto Radical Association. “In Italy we immediately need a law for the Italians and their language. Exactly like the Bill presented before the House on December 21 and signed first by Beltrandi, whose aims are the appreciation and the internationlization of the Italian language and that we are presenting in a conference taking place next February 8”, continues Pagano. “Maybe it was a little excessive that the French Gazette didn’t even allude to Twitter, the platform in which this function is mainly used. We should encourage virtual advanced social networks directly in Europe and start a powerful process of computer growth conceived and developed by the Union for its half a billion eurocitizens. Leaving aside the nickel-and-dimesarcasm circulating on the global web, vive la France!”, concludes the leader of ERA.


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