Internet, Pagano (ERA): Google invasion and the informatic and digital independence of Europe

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An European tourist, in Rome, who needs to visit Castel Sant'Angelo would use Google maps. But the app would omit an interesting detail: the presence of the Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge where the tourist can pleasantly and easily arrive at the destination. It would be necessary to extraordinarily zoom the map to make the bridge appear.
Google has to deal with many controversies, such as the diatribe with editors for the indexing and publishing of contents on its own pages or the growing problem of privacy, especially when Mountain View decidede the creation of just one profile for each user but they didn't specify how the personal data are saved and how long they keep the data.
At the same time, Amazon products have higher prices in Europe than in USA; furthermore, Amazon does not include the reading in other languages but just in english. And the American control.
USA controls the personal data of European citizenship if they have an account on Facebook or on the cloud systemes of the american multinational.
These examples are important to underline how it is essential and urgent for Europe an independent informatic and digital development .
We can't procrastinate the debate about this problem. Europe must face reality.
Europe can't renounce to a development of a sector which creates prosperity and employment.
Europe must consider also the military sector. The Italian controversy about the purchase of F35 represents the last chapter of a bad policy which makes us depending on USA even if Europe production is comparable to USA production (the so called Eurofighter 2000).
The missing informatic and military independecy condemns UE.


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