Internet. Chinese on the way to Over-riding English. Giorgio Pagano: “Break out of the monopoly.”

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Internet. Chinese on the way to Over-riding English. Giorgio Pagano: “Break out of the monopoly.”
Statement by Giorgio Pagano

"It's time to break out of the monopoly's logic, the monopoly which undermines other monopolies, which would give linguistic democracy to the people, from a child, to the smallest indigenous populaiton, to the wealthiest spoiled American brat," says Giorgio pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association.
"The linguistic enslavement amongst the people has brought on a contradiction where everyone is forced 'anglisize' themselves, making it so that Great Britain can save 18 Billion euros every year. Now that the realistic estimates suggest that Chinese is about to overrule English as the most used language on the internet, China is becoming the economical superpower, with more than a billion native speakers – only counting the national territory- our goverment continues to impose a mothertongue level of english on our teachers who teach non-linguistic subjects, it favours a university thesis discussed in English and it forcefully imposes English in schools," Pagano continues. "All of this when more than 2.500 out of 6.900 spoken languages (almost a third) are dying, taking their culture and entire populations with them. It's time to start reasoning in terms of linguistic democracy, starting from the European Union by adopting Esperanto as the common language, giving freedom to whoever wishes to study and learn a language, without favouring the monopoly and favouring instead the exchange between cultures and linguistic protection to those languages that risk vanishing without a trace," concludes ERA's Secretary.

Rome, December 30th 2010


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