Immigration, Radicals/ERA: A Linguistic window concerning the Residence Permit exam on Radio Radicale

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Immigration, Radicals/ERA: A " Linguistic window" concerning the Residence Permit exam on Radio Radicale.

The Esperanto Radical Association is opening a "Linguistic Window" dedicated to the immigrants who are currently busying themselves with the residence permit test.
The Window is under Prof. Massimo Arcangeli’s care, the scientist who works for the Dante Alghieri Society. The Window is also cared by other Sillabao authors and the Editor of

Radio Radicale’s transmission "" is on air every sunday at 00.20 and available online on the same day on ERA’s website and available a during the week on During the transmission, Prof. Arcangeli will comment on the exam and will

answer questions regarding the test that have been emailed to


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