Greece. Pagano, (ERA): A free Europe without a public television is inconceivable

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Greek public television closes. On Tuesday 28th ERT will detach the signal and programs will no longer go on the air. “Do you know what it means? It means that free information will cease to exist. A Liberal society cannot exist without a referential public pole. Private televisions make sense and have an important function when matching, even sharply, against the latter and they establish a profitable and healthy competition on purpose, planning, cultural orientation, prices etc. But if this reference is missing, especially in countries like Greece, they go towards an oligopolistic concentration that will soon manipulate the information and the minds of the Greeks”. This is the comment of Giorgio Pagano, leader of Era Onlus, about the alarming news coming from Greece.

“We are participating to a return to the past instead of laying the foundations of the future. We are going back, they breach the fundamental rights of a people and don’t think about the creation of a Eurovision which can also be an Eurotelevision, in fact they kill the means which protect the freedom of that people”, continues Pagano.

“I hope that the Greek case could remain isolated and that, above all, they step off. In the meantime, I express my solidarity with the Greeks and certainly support all the manifestations against the Greek  government. The protest against the supporters of colonizers, using any means that will sweep the fundamental rights of a people away, must be heard and listened before it’s too late”, concludes the radical leader.


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