Goodbye, President Solari

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[fimg=left][/fimg] We would like to express our sorrow for the passing away of Leo Solari, ERA’s president since 1996-2004, and Honourable President from 2005 to present day.

An active member of the anti-fascist "United Proletarian Movement" and an avid promoter for the reconstruction of the socialist youth Federation, which he became national secretary of after the "liberation."
Among his many human and civil rights activities, and aside from fighting for linguistic rights, it must be remembered that Solari was one of the first in Italy to launch an enviroment-protection campaign and outlined a sustainable economy outline. We can not forget to mention his contribution in the pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia and anti-drug prohibition campaigns.
In the article entitled Il brusio delle lingue, The Murmuring of Languages, printed in Gazzetta Poltica, April 30 2004, talks about Esperanto as an alternative langauge to English as a tool for language communication throughout Europe. Solari writes "[…] for what concerns the auxiliar language, this soltution would allow all citizens to be at the same level, unlike in the hegemony of one of the member state’s languages. A Utopian theory? Probably. But the unification of Europe was also once considered Utopian."
Pictured: Leo Solari, handing in 5000 signatures in favour of Esperanto, to Federico Mayor, General Manager of the UNESCO, in Stockholm, 1998


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