Giorgio Pagano, Radicals/ERA: A radical yes to dialogue with the goverment.

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[fimg=left][/fimg]Giorgio Pagano, Radicals/ERA: "A radical yes to dialogue with the goverment."

" I'm certain that I represent the Radical Esperantist base (a large slice of the whole Radical base) faithfully when I say: we are with Pannella, say yes to dialogue with the

goverment, let's negotiate." So states Giorgo Pagano, secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association.
" What is forcing us to disassociate from the confused (as well as bigot, indifferent and anti-guarantee) hoarse-voiced crowd, furthermore an ENGLISH-SPEAKING voice, is not a

Scilipotian contemplation, nor is it a flag change, but it is together with an adrift opposition that we ask for the Prime Minister's resignation. As Esparantists as well as Radicals,

when we see the poster "Resignation!," an unfaithful translation of "discharge," suggested on the website first in English to the English people in an Alberto-Sordiana-way before

suggesting it to the Italians, still on the website, we wonder: Who are they talking to?"

" On one hand we see Gelmini impose coloniast measures that are detrimental to the Italian mothertongues and in favour of the English ones, but on the other hand the same

coloniast collaboration on the Left is clearly visible, and the abscence of patriotism and democracy, especially the linguistic absence which is even greater than the cultural one,

gives possibility to no other world. Therefore, as our goals have remained the unchanged for over five decades now, as Radicals and as Esperantists we have higher hopes to see

our requests being accepted and accomodated by a worn-down goverment in comparison to those who prove themselves even more worn down by the power they did not have,"

Giorgio Pagano concludes.


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