Germany, Pagano (ERA): “Dear Mr. President Gauck, multilingualism is not a synonym of Anglophone colonization”

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Communiqué of Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of Esperanto Radikala Asocio.

In Schloss Bellevue, in a speech relativo the future of European Federal project, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Joachim Gauck has also faced the linguistic European problem.
The needs underlined are a lingua franca for Europe and the will to build an open forum useful to discuss and to make us live in a democratic way.
But it's a pity if we consider he identifies English as the lingua franca: “more Europe means multilingualism not just for the inner circle but for all the people! I'm sure that be able to feel at home speaking both mother language and English are two aspects that can coexist in Europe”
Dear President, I would like to invite you to openly declare your aims and not to confuse eurocitizens talking about English as a lingua franca because, as many researchers like Robert Phillipson demonstrated, the English language represents the medium for the occupation process.
You invoke the noble concept of multiligualism. The policies of European Commission always acted in collaboration with Anglo-Americans against the European independence. They also obstructed the adoption of a common language like Esperanto that is non-ethnci, democratic and free.
I'm not surprised if you, Mr. President Gauck, address to Great Britain saying “Dearest, we want that you are still with us. More Europe don't mean an Europe without you!”.
As European patriots we believe that a limit to 68 years of servility must exists, it's a question of life or death for European Union.

Friday, February 22, 2013


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