Gelmini, less liberal in the language department, English levy for the Italians

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Gelmini, always less and less liberal in the language department, English levy for the Italians
Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association

To become a teacher in Italy now you must speak English. If you don’t know you can’t teach italian: it’s a paradox but it’s the rules that have been published by Gelmini, the Minister for Education.
To this goverment English has practically become the official second language, and it has become more essential than the Italian language, never mind about dedicating space to other foreign languages.
You can be competent in 100 different languages, but, according to Gelmini, if you donàt know English, you an not be a teacher in Italy. So now, more than ever, Italians will have to turn out their pockets, to the pleasure of the English editors, bringing the cost per capita, according to Lukàcs’s estimates, to over 900 euros for the English mothertongues. And that’s not the last of it: everyone will have to find 12.000 hours to learn the language, which Berlusconi’s goverment insists are 12.000 hours of advantage for our young generation.
For a naiton where "time is money," these advantages are cerainly well-spent.
This is how a country condemns enterprises to the road of underdevelopment, all in the name of progress.


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