From another “world”

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From another “world”
Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association answers back to Enrico Romagna-Manoja, the author if the Italian editorial entitled “Berlusconi, resign the Italian language throughout Europe” (an old on-going Brussles Battle), that was published in Il Mondo on the 26th of August, 2008. Words from another world that continue to be re-confirmed by its author today, as he doesn’t consider, in the slightest, the price the European Union will have to pay, a price which is not the one that he has claimed,
but a price that has spawned from a number of economic and linguistic rights.

The ever-growing exclusive use of English in Europe and European Education is creating difficulties for non-English citizens within the Union, difficulties which are rapidly turning in to discrimination. The cost of how much a non-English-speaking country spends to learn the English language has to been calculated accurately, yet, but we can guess, judging by an article published in [i]La Repubblica[/], that mentions an estimanted 20.000 Euros a year per family in Italy, therefore a total of 46 billion euros divided by each Italian family.

The problem is the lack of a federal language, a language that could act as the melting pot for all of Europe’s heritage that would preserve each country’s cultural identity and would not ensure only the end of all the native European language and cultures, as the Americans and their language did to the Native Americans.

The ministers of the Italian parliment should continue to fight in order not to submit to this discriminating policy, therefore ensuring a linguistic policy based on equality between the member states, and, at the same time, dedicate themselves to supporting the Italian language around the world.


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