Fornero and the youth – Long live the choosey, if they seek an option to American colonization

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«The “choosey” are the true heir to the Resistance. They don’t stand in the system, they deram and seek an alternative. As during WWII people fought the German occupation, now we need to fight the economical and cultural American occupation. This occupation is behind the financial crack of 2008 and the crisis we’re living right now». This is the comment of Giorgio Pagano about the minister Formero, who invited the young not to be “choosy”. 
«Since the postwar years, the winning powers – mostly USA and to a lesser degree UK – bombed the Italian and European citizens with their culture, to make them dependent from their market. To make English the international communication language is part of this strategy. As Churchill said, “the power to control language offers far better prizes than taking away people’s provinces or lands or grinding them down in exploitation. The empires of the future are the empires of the mind”».

«According to our politician, Italy offers nothing to young people. But they are the ones to offer nothing, because they stoppet to create the future. 
The Italian heritage hasn’t been enhanced or improved since decades. The ones who permitted this american globalization are to blame, not the youth. 
We inveite these young people to join us. We want to take Europe back, to make it a real home for every european citizen. We want esperanto as federal language, to make Europe independent from the America. 
This ruling class push us toward an angloamericanization. They want to depreciate and make our culture less and less competitive. This is already happening in one of the most valued Italian universities, the Politecnico of Milan – in two years only English graduates will come from it».



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