Forked language and bilinguism, ERA’s Secretary, Giorgio pagano, writes to Riotta

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Forked language and "bilinguism," ERA’s Secretary, Giorgio pagano, writes to Riotta

“The renowned lie that black and white are the same has gained a rank of credibility that is now widespread. I’m talking about the fact that all foreign languages are becoming synonymn of "English," and "bilingualism," and Anglo-Italian. This is how the letter sent to the Editor of Sole 24 Ore opens, written by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association, in answer to the article that appeared on the paper where the terms were used as synonymns.
“It’s clear that at this point the concern towards the Italian language’s identity, linguistic or intellectual, according to whichever is easier to worry about at the time, is turning in to a Tiresian glare on the national patrimony, blind and bystander, completely assertive to the arbituary dominant language in Europe, which, instead of paying attention to multilinguism as predicted by the treaties, it imposes a language which belongs to an auto-excluded nation, or worse, an unjustified trilinguism, as the EU patents and the Luxemburg Court have shown on the EU internships," the letter continues. Pagano then reminded about the economic advantages that the English-speaking countries have due to the linguistic supremacy: Great Britain saves up to 18 billion euros a year whilst other non-speaking English countries spend 350 billion a year for their ‘anglozisation.’
“Because these days, while conflicts and the student manifestations occur, there is to ponder on the idea that our Federal European students have in comparison to their fellow Europeans, the English mothertongues.” Giorgo pagano ends the letter on this theme, underlining that the absence of linguistic democracy robs the future and opportunity from our young generation.

Rome, December 23 2010


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