For the amnesty and the right to vote for convicts, ERA to radical demonstration

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Yesterday morning at 12, Esperanto Radical Association took part in the radical defense in Piazza del Pantheon in favour of the amnesty and the right to vote for convicts. At 14.15 p.m. the Parliament was intented to talk about the radical resolution about the right to vote for convicts. This right is now exercised only by some hundreds of the italian citizens awaiting for trial or condemned for not obstructing crimes.

The demonstration started with a cheerful clatter of saucepans, drawing inspiration from the clank of prison bars, and with the writing “Amesty” on posters. The defense, in fact, wanted to denounce the condition of our judicial institutions of the past 30 years: “a criminal condition in respect to our Constitution, to the European jurisdiction and to universal human rights”, commented Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radical Association.

In this comment there is also a joke about the right to vote for convicts and our political class: “If we consider the ones who are outside the gates…”.


Rome, 12/12/12


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