Ferragosto 2009 in prison, a Radical Decision even by the Standards of the United States of Europe

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"Ferragosto 2009 in prison," a radical decision even by the standards of the United States of Europe.
Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association.
On the 14th of August I will go to the Prison of Latina not only to inform myself of the conditions and the problems that the prisoners suffer, but also to offer the chance to build, even from inside the prison walls, a future. A large part of those who built the United States of America were released from European prisons, outsiders and dreamers… today, in the construction of the United States of Europe, there’s the question which corrupts the other half a billion European citizens and a European federation denied to the nations.

Today there’s the "European Plague" that can be vanquished by those who suffer in prison, although limited by their imprisonment, they have more time on their hands to think than to act. This is how the colonizers learnt to make progress in America. Today, during the creation of the European Federation, the criminal colonies can become belts of transmission in a mechanism which comes from the mother of all the European Federalism battles; the Federal language barrier of the United States of Europe. Fighting for a European country that embodies the transnational communication for equal opportunity, and not an exclusive prerogative by birth of being English mothertongue, is a movement that the criminal colonies can trigger to show justice to who is abroad and is selling Italy and its territories at a clearance price.


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