European Year of Citizens, Pagano (Era): Yes, but only if they are British, French or German!

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2013 was established unanimously by Strasbourg as the European Year of Citizens and it is dedicated to initiatives with the purpose of explaining to citizens the rights of Euro Citizenship.

Yes, this will be the European Year of Citizens, but only if they are British, French or German! On the website of the initiative, in fact, the languages used are just English, French and German. It restates for the umpteenth time that European citizens are not equal before the law, they don’t have the same rights to understand and to be understood, but there is a clear hierarchy with British, French and German at the top”. This is the comment of Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radical Association.

It seems that the judgments of the European Court of Justice don’t have value, although it recently ruled in favour of the recourse submitted by Italy against public announcements in three languages” – he continued – “The path indicated by the outcome of this judgment, after the Italian recourse, continues not to be implemented and we have to react through another action for failure to act. It’s necessary that the citizens of the Union know how the access to healthcare abroad works, but also the opportunities offered by EU programs for students and it’s clear that this information should be accessible to all and not only to those who speak one of the three languages arrogantly but not democratically established as the exclusive means of European communication. It’s about time that some European Members of Parliament belonging to one of the linguistically discriminated nations would decide to take all necessary actions in favour of the European federal language. In fact, linguistic democracy, the linguistic rights of eurocitizens and linguistic biodiversity would take advantage of Esperanto” concluded Pagano.




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