European Politics, Beltrandi and Pagano (Radicals): Still minister-less, irresponsible goverment.

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European Politics, Beltrandi and Pagano (Radicals): " Still minister-less, irresponsible goverment."
" Still minister-less, irresponsible goverment."
Statement by Hon. Marco Beltrandi and (Radicals/PD) and Giorgio Pagano (Radicals/ERA)

" The world is falling apart, but the goverment obviously has other things to think about: that's the only explanation for the fact that it's been three and a half months and the International Italian situation doesn't have a minister of Political Community." So states the Hon. Marco Beltrandi, a Radical of the PD group.
" Whilst the middle East is shaken like never before by a wave of Civil Wars, the Ministers of the Repubblic are accusing the EU for not doing enough to help the peninsula with the situation concerning the refugees which will overflow on our coasts. There is the need, now more than ever, for a clear and defined European policy, the Italians are only paying for the Prime Minister's never-ending feuds with his enemy of the moment, in this case, the split with Fini which has caused Ronchi's resignation, therefore given way to the unbelievable fact that the Minister of Political Communities position has been vacant since the 15th of November 2010."

Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Radical Association Esperanto, adds " in contrast to the goverment's negligence fortunately we have a stubborn Italy in favour of standing up for themselves: when it comes to the subject of Linguistic Discrimination, our country is winning one appeal after the other in the European court, proving that the face of the people,

unlike its governors, is anything but supine and asserts its worth and its rights."
" If the individual's initiative were supported by even the slightest goverment effort, the people's rights and image would be at bay; instead, and unfortunately, we have a goverment that is incapable of even nominating a minister, nevermind governing the country or making sure that it is respected beyond its borders."


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