Europe, Pagano (ERA): Hollande, listen to De Maximy and put the federal language as a pillar of the government of the Eurozone

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“I can’t deny the importance of the proposals of the French President Hollande to avoid that Europe is erased from the map of the world and from peoples’ collective imagination: an economic government in the Eurozone which gathers each month around a single president to talk about the main economic and political decisions of the Member States and give birth in two years to a full European political union.

This proposal has many contacts with the strategy that Esperanto Radical Association has been composing through 26 years of studies commissioned to the greatest experts of the world, like the Nobel Prize in Economics Selten, and through the observation of social and political reality in which Europe is immersed”.

The leader of Esperanto Radical Association Giorgio Pagano comments on the news: “The most interesting aspect of the presidentialism invoked by France is that they want to make it the binding agent of the Eurozone, finally recognizing that the level of coordination among the states which have adopted the euro must be higher than the one of the states which are out of the Eurozone, as the United Kingdom.  This is the Trojan horse through which the powerful American multinationals come into Europe and prevent the worldwide growing of our companies. American financial speculation is also the main actor behind the current crisis of the common currency.

England can’t actively participate in the Eurozone economic policy because of a conflict of interest, in fact it defends the pound against the euro. The crunch to hinder tax havens and money laundering shows London in a bad light: during the last weeks the UK has been recognized as the protagonist of such activities thanks to the British law that protects not only the tax havens of the Cayman Islands or Gibraltar, but also the same City”.

The radical leader goes on: “The fact that Hollande has indicated the necessity that the new government of the Eurozone becomes absolutely political within two years is another admission of common sense and intelligence accompanied by other important goals such as the fight against unemployment and the joint investment on renewable energies and innovation”.

He concludes: “I would like to make a final observation: the last few months have shown that in France not only politicians, but also TV personalities are better than in Italy. Hollande should pay heed to his compatriot  Antoine De Maximy, the anchorman who recently said that Esperanto as the federal language of the United States of Europe is the first aim that a President should reach. In fact, which language will be spoken in this imaginary super government? Ironically English, while the UK will not even participate to the meetings? Or maybe French will be imposed again in Europe? Let us not be fooled, we have to clearly decide the language policy to take in order not to make Hollande’s proposal fall on deaf ears. We have to break the nationalist chains to move the European people, while preserving the linguistic identity of peoples and minorities and only the International language can do this, Esperanto, that nowadays is older than Modern Chinese.

Well done, Hollande, but De Maximy is even better!”


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