Europe, Pagano (ERA): Do you speak English but you are no English? No job! That’s why we need Federal language.

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Declaration of Giorgio Pagano, ERA's Secretary
It is disgusting to know that the Great Britain applies a discriminatory social system for the 28,000 EU citizens, who work in Great Britain but are not British.
Other serious datas come from high education, where are verified discrimination against non-UK European citizens in relation to scholarships. For example, it is not possible enter a NERC sponsored PhD unless you are a UK national, or a EU national who has been lived in the UK for at least 3 years.
Appeals to the European Court of Justice and to the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of European Commission should be filed as soon as possible.
But the worst scenario is when you're talking about hiring, and you hear, as usually happens "Your curriculum is excellent, but we're looking for an English mothertongue".
We must understand that language policies must become a pillar of Federal Europe. It's obvious that there is more and more disdain towards a nation which never was reliable. How can we think that its language can become our language? We need a shared project, a stong and new european identity.   Union cannot exist if based on an unequal, antidemocratic language, which do not represent european nations, and which people keep discriminate on every occasion and that keep weaken out extreme need of a Federal Europe.
The question about the Federal Language is undeniable and cannot be delayed. European citizens have to be freed from linguistic slavery towards any population, otherwise EU will always be a risk.The federal language was the vulnus of Ventotene Manifesto. Spinelli has always been afraid to face it, and, everytime I spoke with him about it, he avoided the matter, thinking that the language question would have prevented the unfication process from the start.
But today, with the Euro, the scenario has changed. The Esperanto would be a lesson of freedom from Europe to the whole world, including British.


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