Europe, Pagano (Era): Britain’s exit from EU would stop the colonization era and it would lead to the the birth of United States of Europe.

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“In contrast with those affirm that the Britain's exit from EU would bring disastrous consequences to the Europe's future, I think that it could be the right chance for Europe to be more independent and stabilize its economic and political status”. This is the declaration of the Secretary of the Esperanto Radikala Asocio, Giorgio Pagano.
“In an editorial of the Corriere della Sera, Danilo Taino affirms that 'without London the ambition of Europe to become a global power would be redimensioned'. It's not true, we should remember that Britain still has pound and works against Euro and so against the EU's hard core. Europe already is a global power, with or without UK. Unfortunately European citizens accepted to be mere consumers of products and services of the U.S. Multinationals and so to renounce to be free and active members of the history. The Brixit wouldn't absolutely causes the Eu collapse; the cuckoo operation would end: as the cuckoo spawns in the other birds' nest, the Anglo-Americans, through the imposition of their language and culture, ensure that the children of the other countries grow up as if they were sons of English-speaking children. In this way they reinforce their predominance and their political and economic hegemony over 500 million European citizens where just 60 million are legitimate British”, Pagano concludes.


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