EU Website Against Discrimination: Discriminates Against who Doesn’t Speak English

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Speech by Euro-MP Radical Cappato at the Commission.
It’s the website that makes the first step towards committing discrimination against those who do not speak English. Marco Cappato (ALDE) presented himself to the European Commission, stating his complete disapproval for the use of the Italian language to the anti-discrimination campaign promoted by the European Union: "For diversity. Against discrimination."

Cappato made it obvious that the promotion and the protection of linguistic diversity is always multiple in Europe, it would guarantee a favourable enviroment that would allow intergration and accepting each other’s differences, not to mention the creation of a network that would allow solidarity and international co-operation. The Euro-MP asked that the Commission should "respect, in some way, the European linguistic regime that was discussed in the Treaties, the incentives that discipline that actions required in order to contrast the linguistic regime that favours the indiscriminated use of English and other languages in the work world, and that the European comission should manage the editing of the website for said campaign, making the website and its cxontent truly multi-lingual."


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