EU Patent, Giorgio Pagano: the DoGS bite the PIGS who are searching for a new Bay

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EU Patent, Giorgio Pagano: the DoGS bite the PIGS who are searching for a new Bay
Note by giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association

The dog doesn’t bite the dog. An old Italian expression says so. So, in the European Union, the loser of the Second World War, Deutschland, who has successfully re-integrated, together with Great Britain and the république françaiS, lead by their spineless owners, unite to linguistically chew at all other European cultures with the goal to sever the continent’s fruits of innovation and creativity, linguistically.

Italy and Spain, two of the European countries and great cultures that belong to the PIGS, try to resist the DoGS: in the same way that the economic press, published in English, began to repabtize under Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain under the pejorative acronym, starting from the nineties. With a less credible Italy which, at the time, took the side of the anglophonic linguistic monopoly against the anglo-french-german oligopoly, both she and Spain confide in a possible "Bay of Pigs," which indicates that the attack on the European language has failed.

A final madness is a swedish one: that is, while Europe sees itself on the DoGS’s side, standing against Spain as well, about a week earlier it had assigned the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature to the spanish author Mario Vargas Llosa.
Rome, December 11 2010


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