EU, G8. Pagano (ERA): Barroso should resign for the benefit of European citizens!

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Declaration of Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radical Association


“As European and supporter of the United States of Europe, I still find myself condemning this EU and the president of its Commission, José Manuel Barroso. I strongly support the voice of Rachida Dati, Member of Parliament, when she invokes his resignation because he is a collaborationist and ‘prone to American interests’. Those who defend the cultural exception are not reactionaries but Partisans. As the ones who resisted the German invasion, today the new Partisans are the ones who defend European languages and cultures from the American meat grinder. From the new lagers of the Third Millennium, the lagers of the mind that Americans and corrupted collaborationists want to place everywhere.

What Barroso doesn’t say is that not only France but also all the European peoples represented by the European Parliament have clearly spoken in favor of the cultural exception.

Only France, however, took this matter seriously at a governmental level and its veto threat was decisive.

Practically alone, it prevented that, in the coming years, USA would make streamers with European languages and cultures. It has also a weight on the ineptitude of the Italian Government.

And how can we forget that Barroso is the one who endorsed the requests of the United Kingdom about the reduction of the federal budget? The highest European institutions should help European excellences to win the world, also becoming more competitive where necessary.

Globalization cannot and must not become a synonym of americanisation and hollywoodation. If it happened, it would mean that what Russia could not do with Eastern Europe, Americans can do with Western Europe, destroying all cultures but theirs, as they have already done with all American Indigenous peoples”.


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